Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Laptop for Awhile

As some of you know I am without a laptop for awhile. Which means I won't be able to post TTT or FFF posts till either my laptop is fixed or I have to get a new one. Time will tell once my friend takes a look at it and sees what he can do. For now I have my Kindle Fire tablet which is working great but it has limitations as far as view blogs and posting and sharing things as far as Facebook goes. I am doing well, my power is back on after the horrible storm that hit last Friday.  But unfortunately my laptop was the only victim, because of the intense lightening we had and wind.  You could feel the static in the air and the wind pounding on the house. I too cover in my windowless bathroom to be safe. Trees were blown over and healthy ones too that should never been destroyed. Many places in our area are still without power and restaurants, food stores and other places are still closed. We have to travel a bit now to get gas or food till things are back up and running again. Please pray for those who had been affected worse than me. Houses and cars have been destroyed in this storm, which hit with low grade twisters and hail and much more. I will visit Facebook as much as I can on my Kindle, but as of right now. I am on a desktop at work so I can post here on my blog. I apologize again to those I didn't get to comment on with their FFF, last week, and not doing a TTT as I had said I would on the signup sheet. Hugs everyone and thanks for understanding. Soon things will be back to normal as normal as can be. 

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