Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back in Action!!

Hi Everyone!

I am finally back in action after a long time with no laptop for the second time. The storm that we had back in July really did a number on my computer. A friend of mine fixed it but it died completely two weeks later. So I had to go and find a new one. The good news is my friend was able to save all of my photos and files. So no parts of my writings were lost. I was so relieved to know he was able to save my work before the computer died completely on him. 

I have always had Gateways and did well with them too. But the last three I had didn't last two years.  So with my friends help I was able to find a nice Toshiba. I love how it works and it is so easy to use and type with. I find I can type a lot better with this than I did with my old laptops. The keys are bigger in fact and flat so typing is a lot faster.

Since I have had my new laptop I have been typing up a storm. I sometimes cannot keep up with my mind with how fast the ideas are hitting me to type. Do I complain? Hell no. I need this after going a long time without writing. It truly feels good to be back in action.

The weather/season is changing now that it is officially Fall. I like this time of year because the temps not too hot or too cold. The weather is more in the middle. I also love this time of year because of the changing of birds. From Summer birds to Fall. My cat loves to watch the birds eat as they get ready for the upcoming Winter. I wish seasons could just go from Fall to Spring, skip Winter all together. I am not one to like Winter but hopefully it won't be harsh or last too long. Oh well can't have everything I guess. I just like the fact I can still have my windows and doors open during the day while it is sunny out. I love the fresh woodsy air, and I can watch the turkeys and deer come up to the house to eat. 

I know I have neglected my blog and I am ashamed of myself for it. But I will get on top of it now that I have my new laptop. I hope to add more goodies as I find things to share. So keep checking back for new things to read and talk about. :)

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