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Claire's Gift A short story.

“The evening is still young my little one. I bought you a surprise that I am sure you will love. I was going to surprise you earlier, but well that got changed fast. We can still have a great time. I have plans for you my little one.” Sir says as he kisses the tip of my nose.

My eyes perk up as he mentions that there is a surprise for me.

“Where is it?” I say trying to look behind him.

Sir laughs and tweaks my nose.

“First I want you to go freshen up.  I want you to wait for me in bed as you normally would for me.”

I nod excitedly and hurry into the bathroom. I clean up fast as my heart pounds loudly in my chest. I wonder what the surprise he has for me. I climb into bed and undress. I get into position as I have been taught and I lie in bed with my heart pounding waiting for Sir and his mysterious surprise.

I quickly tie the scarf around my head to be sure my eyes are covered. I lie as still as I can while my heart pounds loudly in my chest.

I wonder to myself what the surprise is that Sir has planned for me?

My mind continues to race with ideas as I suddenly freeze when I hear footsteps entering the bedroom.

“Sir? Could you give me a small hint of your surprise? Please?”


I bite my lip as I wait. Yet nothing happens. I feel like I am being watched, inspected even.



Why is he not saying anything?  All I can hear is my heart pounding loudly in my chest.


“Please Sir, say, something.  I can’t stand this silence.”

I start to feel more nervous than just my typical nervous and worried that Sir is upset with me or something is wrong.

Suddenly I feel the bed shift by my side as I turn to look even though I cannot see anything with the blindfold on.  My ears strain to hear anything that I might be able to recognize.

I hear the nightstand table drawer open and what I think is the sound of metal. The drawer closes as the weight on the bed shifts closer to my side.  I feel warm air brush over my now very hard nipples.  I can’t help but let out a small moan. Each nipple is caressed with warm gentle air.  It’s Sir’s breath. He’s teasing me. I can’t help but grin. So I will follow his little game. I whimper and shift on the bed. I now feel someone is leaning over me. His body heat and deep breathing is now close to my head. I continue to let my hearing guide me to know what is going on beyond my eyes. I feel my arms being pulled above my head and secured by a soft silk fabric. My mysterious visitor tugs my wrists to be sure I’m secure.  Their hands slide down my arms and I can’t help but squirm.  Fingers trail along the side of my breasts and lingers as they squeeze them gently yet firmly in their hands. My visitor pinches my nipples between their thumb and pointer finger. I squirm as they tug and squeeze my nipples hard each time as if to test my pain level. I whimper as then suddenly take my left nipple between their lips and tug it hard. My mouth opens as I let out a small loud gasp. Pain and pleasure mix as my mystery visitor continues to torture my left nipple.  It hardens and becomes a hard red tender bud. Their tongue glides over my nipple which sends shivers down my spine. I tug on my binds but there is no release, nor escape.  My mystery visitor moves over to my right nipple and resumes the same torturous tasks. I whimper trying to figure out who this is. Clearly this is not Sir. I know his lips and his hands and these are not his.

Do I ask or remain silent? 

Their lips trail down to my stomach as I feel the bed shift more and my legs are moved.  My breath catches in my throat. My mystery guest lingers over my stomach as if they know my special spots.  Maybe this is Sir and he’s trying to distract my thoughts? Nice try Sir.

“Sir…You are torturing me.”

“Good.” A much softer lighter voice says with a hint of humor in her scented voice.

Her?! My mystery surprise is a woman!! Ohh Sir!!

My heart stops. This stranger is NOT Sir! Where is Sir? I start to panic.

“Who...who are you? Where is Sir?” I try to move my head to get the blindfold off, but I had secured it better than I had thought. Crap!

“My name is Lady M. I am here to give you your surprise.”

My mind races as my heart pounds louder in my chest.

“Where is Sir?” I ask hesitantly as my voice shakes.

“Your Sir is here…watching.” Lady M says with a smile in her voice.

I try to hear Sir or anything to know he’s here, but I cannot.

“Sir?” I call out to Sir.

“I am here my pet. Don’t be afraid. I am giving you your anniversary gift. Well part of it right now. I want to watch the two of you for awhile. Then I will join you…both.” I hear the pleased humor in his voice.

A threesome!? He is letting me have a threesome! My heart races faster with excitement. The fear leaves me instantly. I cannot believe I am going to be taken by this mystery stranger named Lady M, and then taken by Sir then by both. I cannot help but smile and I know Sir can see me, which I do not care one bit.

My mystery woman resumes her kisses and nips me along my stomach. Her hands slide down to my hips as I can tell as she moves my limp legs to be over her shoulders.  I cannot feel her hands at this point, but I can feel her lips traveling closer to my soft furry mound.  I arch my back and moan as I feel her blow onto my soft curls.

“Ohh!!! Please!!!” I cry out.

“Please what!? My little slut!” Lady M says in a seductive voice.

“Please! Please do as you wish Lady M!” I call out loudly as I whimper softly as I bite my lower lip.

“Good girl. Your Sir said you were an obedient little pet. I intend to see just how obedient you really are. Or is there a little vixen in there wanting to come out?” I hear her say with a smile in her voice.

I only nod my head as I can tell she is adjusting my legs further apart.  She blows on my soft mound again and then her tongue brushes over the soft curls. My back arches and I let out a small scream. Lady M stops and I then feel her grab my right nipple and twist it painfully hard.  As she does this she moves onto the bed leaving my aching mound alone. I hear metal on metal and them my mouth opens wide as I feel the nipple clamps being placed tightly onto each hard nipple. I whimper as I feel her secure the clamps tightly.

“Can’t forget these.” She says with a giggle.

I bite my lip as my nipples burn and ache as the blood is squeezed from my sensitive nubs.  She tugs on them chain making me squirm and moan.  Pleased, she resumes her task on my pulsing wet clit.  I feel her tongue graze over my clit making me jump and tug on my silk binds.

“Ohh!! Gawd!!” I scream out.

Lady M adjusts my legs and I feel the pressure of her tongue sliding between my folds. She takes my pulsing clit between her lips and sucks on it gently. My legs spasm as my back arches off the bed. Lady M holds my legs tightly as she drives her tongue into my tight wet pussy.

“Ohh Lady!! Please don’t stop!!” I scream out as her tongue dances with my clit and pussy.

I squirm hard as I start to feel myself to climax. I feel her thumb begin to rub on my clit as two of her fingers fill my tight pussy.  I can’t feel skin to skin, but I feel her fingers pressing into my and moving as she presses on my inner sensitive button.  Gawd this woman is talented.

“ are soo tight and soo wet. Just how I like my new little pets. So wanting, and wanting to please me. You are doing very good little one.”

I can’t help but smile as she continues to fuck my pussy with her fingers. With her free hand she reaches up and tugs on the chain to the nipple clamps. I whimper from the pain as I squirm harder feeling my stomach spasm and clench.  I can feel my body building up as I can hear my juices from her fingers fucking my pussy harder.

“I’m going to cum!!” I cry out as I squirm harder.

“Not till I say you can. Understand?” she gives my sore burning nipples a sharp painful tug.

“Yes…yes Lady. I understand.” I cry out from the pain in my sore nipples as she continues to fuck my pussy harder with her fingers.

I squirm hard trying not to cum, but I find it harder to do with each passing moment.  I bite on my lower lip hard to suppress the spasms in my lower stomach.

“Ohh Gawd!! Please Sir!!” I cry out louder as I tug hard on my binds.

I feel my legs are being moved as I can tell Lady M is moving on the bed.  I feel her tower over me. My breath catches in my throat, unsure what she has planned next.

“Are you ready to cum? I want you to cum hard Claire.  I am going to fuck your hot wet pussy so hard. I have been given permission to take you as I wish.” She whispers into my ear softly yet demandingly. 

I whimper unsure of what she will do to me. I know Sir is here watching and won’t let harm come to me. Gawd what will she do to me?  My heart races in my chest. She bites my earlobe hard tugging at it as I squirm. My senses come alive since I cannot see what she is doing to me.  She brushes my aching nipples with her tongue. I moan and whimper from the gentle brush. I feel her adjust my legs one more time and without warning I feel her thrust hard and deep into my pulsing tight pussy.

“Ohhh…gawd you are huge!!” I cry out as my muscles spasm and I actually feel pain radiating through my pussy.

“Mmm…you are soo fucking tight Claire. Gawd I could stay like this forever. Sir is one lucky bastard.” She groans as she thrusts hard and faster into my already aching pussy.

“Oh Lady!! Please you are so big! I don’t think I can take more of you! I’m going to cum!” I scream out as I squirm and rotate my hips to try and adjust to her huge cock.

I hear her growl as she pounds harder with each thrust.

She leans down and takes a clamped nipple in her mouth and bites down hard.

“Gawd!! Please!!” I arch my back screaming feeling the pain from her biting my already sore nipple to her thick cock pounding into my aching pussy.

Lady M thrusts her hard thick cock deep into my aching pussy as I try to adjust to her thickness. I tug on my binds and squirm under her as she tortures my sore nipples. I roll my head side to side trying to pull against my binds but the silk scarf doesn’t give an inch. She grips my hips as she moves my legs to be over her shoulders and pounds harder going deeper into my pussy. Her fingers dig into my hips and I know I’ll have bruising there by morning.  I hear her growl deep into his throat and I know she’s about to cum herself. I cannot hold back any longer as I arch my back and scream.

“Lady!! I’m cumming!!” I yell out as my pussy tightens around her hard thick cock.

My back arches as I feel my stomach tighten and my juices flow over her hard cock. My wetness makes it easier for her to fuck me as I hear her moan and growl nearing her climax. Faster and faster she thrusts as she grips my hips, while her hard cock pulses deep within my wet hot pussy. I moan and squirm feeling my orgasm flood through my body, as I then feel her tense up. She lets out a deep growl and then I feel warmth flowing onto my pussy as her cock pulses and pounds into me. Lady M collapses on top of me moaning and panting as she thrusts and grunts. I feel the pressure of her cock as she nuzzles into the hallow of my neck. I pant and try to come back from my own orgasm as she wraps herself around me, her cock still buried deep within my aching hot pussy.

“You are wonderful Claire. Mmmm…I’ve never had such a tight hot pussy like yours before.” She whispers into my left ear as she teases my nipple.

I moan as my nipples burn and ache from being squeezed by the clamps for so long. Lady M slowly sits up and frees herself from my wet dripping pussy. She carefully frees my nipples of the clamps and I whimper as burning pain fills the aching nubs, as blood flows into them. Lady M takes each nipple carefully into her mouth and sucks gently running her tongue over my sore red nubs, making me arch my back and moan as my senses continue to be on fire.

“Better?” She asks softly careful to suck gently on my nipples.

“Yes…yess…Lady.” I breathe deep almost panting as sensation and the blood returns to my swollen red nipples.

“Good.” She says as I feel her sit up and lift off from the bed.

I lay there breathing hard unaware of where Lady M has gone. I try to listen for movement but I cannot hear anything. I feel fingers around my bound wrists. I try to hear who it is but nothing. My mind is too much in a fog right now.

“Sir…Lady?” I ask cautiously unsure if its Sir or Lady M.


I lie and wait as my hands are freed and I am pulled up slowly to a sitting position, I whimper from my body laying in one position for so long and the soreness that is traveling through my body. My hips scream as my legs are adjusted for me to sit better. I sit and wait not wanting to remove the blind fold.

“I want you on your hands and knees Claire. I know your arms and hips are tired. I will help you with balance.” Sirs voice finally fills my ears and I breathe deep.

“Yes sir.” I do as I am told with him guiding me since I can’t see a thing.

He holds my hips carefully so I don’t fall off the bed. My hands are placed on the edge and I know I am facing the side of the bed, with my butt towards the middle of the bed. I feel movement on the bed and nearly fall over but I feel hands brace me and hold my hips. The weight on the bed is different this time and I wonder who is behind me. I try to listen to see with my ears of who it is. I then feel hands on my face stroking my cheeks. I know these hands. It’s Sir. I can’t help but smile knowing he’s with me now.

“Are you ready Claire? Your dream of having a threesome is about to begin. Now that you know how Lady M feels. I want you to feel both of us.” Sir says as he strokes my cheek.

I nod my head as my heart races. I know that Lady M is behind me and Sir is at my head. I look up at him as if I am staring into his eyes. I feel Sir’s thumb on my right cheek and I move my mouth so I suck on it and he lets me run my tongue along his finger as I suddenly feel Lady M’s fingers rubbing against my clit in circular motions. I moan feeling my stomach tense as Sir thrusts his thumb into my mouth while holding me by the shoulders with his hands.

“I want you both to fill me.” I whisper as I release Sir’s thumb.

“Patience my little one.” Sir says softly as he runs his fingers through my hair and pulls it back into a fist.

I feel Sir grip my hair pulling my head upward to him as I feel Lady M shift behind me. I can only imagine being taken by both these two together. Sir I know what he looks like, but I can only imagine what Lady M looks like with the strap-on and I cannot wait to feel both. My nipples harden with excitement as I wait to see what they do next. To my surprise I don’t have to wait too long. I feel Lady M place a vibrating wand against my clit making me jump. She smacks my ass and I jump again from the sting and shock of both the wand and her strong smack. I let out a moan as she rubs my clit with the wand. Sir holds onto my head with his hands as I smell his arousal. I try to search for him and I know he is teasing me. I try to move my head side to side as he smacks my face with his already wet cock.

“Hmm someone is being rather playful. I think we need to remedy this Lady M don’t you agree?” I hear Sirs voice with a hint of playfulness.

“I agree. She is being very naughty and playful.”

I can’t help but giggle as I try to wiggle myself free of these two. I am however held tightly by my shoulders as I feel my legs being spread wide apart and something holding them in place. I can’t feel the straps but I realize that Lady M placing a spreader bar on my feet to hold that part of me still. But they don’t do anything to my arms. I try to move when my arms are lifted and my balance is no longer mine. I am now facing down onto the edge of the bed with my chin hanging over. I feel my arms being bound behind me and my wrists cuffed with soft straps.

“Very cleaver Sir. But how do you expect me to suck your cock Sir?”

“Easily remedied my little pet.” Sir says as he lifts me up by my arms and then places a wedge under my chest so my nipples hang over the edge of the wedge.

I am forced to hold up my head as I try to get my bearings. Suddenly I yelp as pain fills my nipples. Weight is placed on my already sore nipples as I realize that Sir has placed weighted nipple clamps onto them. I moan and squirm trying to push past the pain. While Lady M presses the vibrating wand against my pulsing clit.

“Ohhh…” I moan loudly as I squirm as my body reacts.

Sir grips my hair and pulls my head up as he strokes my cheek.

“Mmm you look delicious Claire. I love you like this. Blindfolded, bound and pushed to new areas of what your body can do. Are you ready for more?” I hear Sir’s voice whispering into my right ear as I moan.


Lady M presses the wand hard against my aching clit.

“Yes what?”

“Yes sir I am. I am yours to do as you both please.” I plead as I squirm but Lady M keeps the wand tightly against my pulsing clit.

“Ohh ….” I moan feeling Lady M move the wand torturing my hard swollen clit while Sir tugs on the weighted clamps.

They both keep this up for a while as my breathing catches in my throat as I almost climax but as soon as I come close Lady M removes the wand making me crave for more as she pinches and smacks my ass with her free hand. Both cheeks sting from her repeated smacks. I whimper through the burning sting as she presses the wand against my clit. Sir takes my face in his hands after letting go of my hair and without a word presses his hard cock to my lips. At first I refuse as I am not ready yet, but Sir smacks my side knowing I can fully feel the sting. I yelp and jump opening my mouth. He thrusts his cock into my mouth and I cough trying to get my breath as he grips the back of my head pulling me deeper onto his cock. While Lady M starts to finger my ass and my eyes open wide even though they are still covered by the scarf. I realize where she is planning to fuck me. My heart pounds as I know I can feel the fullness of a cock in my ass. Lady M fingers me deep and hard and I whimper as she stretches my tight hole. I moan which makes it easier for Sir to fuck my mouth with his hardening cock, as I suck on him faster and harder. Sir thrusts his cock into my throat and I have to time it right so I can breathe through my nose since my mouth is rather full. I continue to feel the wand against my clit as I then feel Lady M’s dildo pressing against my tight hole. I clench my eyes tightly closed as she pushes to fill me. I tense up and she smacks my ass making me relax instantly as her cock slides into my ass. Inch my inch she fills me as pain pulses through my ass to my pussy as she continues to torture my clit with the wand. I am now filled in both ends. Sir grips my head and pushes himself into my throat as I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth. I try to slide my tongue around but he is too hard and thick for much room. I decide to just suck on his cock and moan to vibrate him as I feel Lady M fill my ass and begin to thrust in and out of me while keeping the wand onto my clit. I begin to feel myself climaxing and squirm against my binds. I am at the mercy of Lady M and Sir as one grips my hips as she fucks my ass and smacks my already redden cheeks while Sir tugs on my weighted clamps on my nipples thrusting his cock faster and faster in my mouth. I moan and try to breathe as he fills my mouth down to my throat. Lady M pounds into my ass harder and harder as her fingers dig into my hips. I hear her moan and grunt as Sir runs his fingers through my hair holding my head still as he thrusts faster. My binds keep me still as the weights on my nipples pull more as I’m pounded from both ends. I can feel Lady M driving the hard cock into my ass as Sir’s face tenses. I feel Lady M press the wand hard against my clit and I whimper as I climax. I can feel Sir is about to fill my throat as I feel his cock pulsing as he strains to hold on. I feel Lady M grip my hips painfully tight, and grunt loudly as I feel her thrust hard and deep and then hold still as she cums while pounding my sore ass. Sir cums at the same time as I taste the sweat saltiness of his juices flowing down my throat. I can’t hold back anymore myself as I moan and feel my orgasm flood through my body, my pussy clenches and my juices flood the vibrating wand. I hear Lady M relax and smack my ass hard as she pulls out and collapse hard onto the bed.  Sir pulls slowly out of my mouth and I cough as I gag trying to breathe. I lick my lips as Sir holds his cock to my lips and I lick him clean. I whimper feeling the effects of my own orgasm as Sir brushes my cheek. My juices flow down my thighs as I lick my lips clean of his seed.

“Thank you both.” I purr as I feel myself relaxing some.

Before I realize it I feel the weighted clamps being removed from my swollen nipples. I cry out as pain floods with the blood back into them while Sir rubs them gently to get the color to return. Lady M removes the vibrating wand as my clit continues pulse while I squirm and moan. I feel Sir unfastening the spread bar and releasing my sore arms from behind my back. I moan and whimper as my body is released from the restraints. My body is so sore and tired, I collapse into Sirs arms. He cradles me into his arms and helps me to lie in bed. I keep the blind fold on, but I can tell Lady M is lying behind me and Sir is in front of me. I moan and whimper softly as the pain travels through my body. Sir strokes my cheek gently as Lady M rubs my sides to my hips where I know will be definite bruising.

“Would you like to see your surprise Claire? You did wonderfully and deserve to see now.” Sir says as he rubs my aching nipples.

“Yes Sir. I would.” I ask softly too exhausted to move much if at all.

Sir unties the blindfold and at first my eyes are bleary from the lighting of the bedroom and it takes a moment for them to adjust to my surroundings. Slowly I turn to see Lady M smiling at me as her hand rests on my sore hip. I feel my face redden and I lower my gaze. She lifts my chin so I look deep into her eyes, which are green with a hint of brown. I feel my pussy clench as my eyes fall upon her huge thick dildo of a cock. No wonder I felt so full and hurt. My face continues to redden as her muscles flex as she moves next to me on the bed. I can’t help but find myself purring. I quickly remember my place and lower my eyes and turn to look at Sir who smiles warmly at me.

“Thank you Sir for this wonderful gift, and the best anniversary yet.”

“You are very welcome my little one. Lady M is a close friend of mine. I talked to her about meeting you and having us all together. I knew she wouldn’t turn down a wonderful opportunity to be with a beautiful woman. I trust her like a sister.”

“It has been a pleasure to serve you Claire and to have this wonderful opportunity to be with you and Sir. It has been a dream of mine as well. I am honored that Sir chose me to fulfill your dream.” Lady M whispers into my ear as she nips my ear lobe.

I shiver from the nip and look over to Sir with a big smile.

“Thank you again Sir.”

“Rest Claire you have done a lot today. You deserve to sleep. We will be here. I will wake you. There is more to tonight and another surprise.” Sir says softly as he kisses my nose.

I nod finally listening to my aching sore body. I curl up between them, resting my head on Sir’s chest as Lady M lies closely like a warm blanket draping her arm over me as does Sir. Sleep finally takes over whether I want it to or not and can’t help but smile.

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