Friday, October 9, 2015

FFF # 119 Blood Rose

In a 100 words no more or less, here is my 119th Flasher Fiction Friday. Look to this link to read other great Flasher Fiction posts from great writers. Flasher Fiction Friday

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Blood Rose

Elana plucks the rose from the thorny bush. Careful not to prick her fingers as she brings the rose to her lips. She licks the rose as her pale smooth skin makes the rose look bloodier. Blood drips from the pedals. She feels her fang emerging as hunger begins to fill her. Knowing she must feed, she licks the rose with hunger, draining it of its color as she feeds on the life of the rose. Being a vampire has its quirks, but Elana must feed on blood red roses to fill her hunger. Human blood is poison to her. 


Muffy Wilson said...

Oh, AuroraRose, such a clever twist!! She must be Vegan!! I love this photo and you were so creative. I really enjoyed it!!

Naomi said...

Oh I love the twist! Excellently written flash

Doris O'connor said...

That's an interesting twist! Love it. :-)

J.P. Stevens said...

That is such an awesome interpretation of the picture. Great Flash