Thursday, September 15, 2016

FFF 157 Marla's Little Surprise

In a 100 words no more or less, here is my 157th Flasher Fiction Friday. Look to this link to read other great Flasher Fiction posts from great writers. Flasher Fiction Friday

Marla’s Little Surprise

“Marla I’m home!!” Josh looks around the kitchen and the other rooms but his wife is nowhere. Quickly he heads to their bedroom. She had said she wasn’t feeling good. “Marla? Are you resting?” Josh softly asks as he opens the door. No Marla. Confused he looks around for a note. “Looking for me baby?” Josh turns around to see Marla in between two beautiful women dressed in black as his wife smiles. “Meet Sandy and Cindy. Surprise baby. Happy Anniversary.” Marla smiles as the girl’s drape over Marla. Josh swallows hard, feeling his cock come alive within his pants.

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Julez S Morbius said...

The start of a very hot night. Excellent