Thursday, June 8, 2017

FFF# 194 The Hostess

In a 100 words no more or less, here is my 194th Flasher Fiction Friday. Look to this link to read other great Flasher Fiction posts from great writers. Flasher Fiction Friday

The Hostess

Kendra smiles as she puts on her leather outfit for the party. She is hosting a munch, and the one event is her teaching them about the whip and how to safely use it. Kendra grins big as she waits for her pet to arrive. Little did her pet know that he is going to be the victim of her whip tonight. She knew he was leery of it, but he has no choice. Tonight, he will be her toy to amaze her guests tonight. If he fails her, she will not only be disappointed, but she will punish him…severely.

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Doris O'connor said...

Oh my, lol. Great flash :-)