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I feel your presence
Your within my essence

Your dark hair soft as silk
Your smooth skin white as milk

You hold me close
Quietly I dose
November 12, 2003
~He Holds Me~
I feel weak
I feel lost
You hold me tightly
You keep me safe within thy arms.
You whisper soft words to me.
I want to be loved.
You love me for who I am
Even with thy chair.
~~~November 3, 2003~~~

The Embrace

You desire my love forever.
Your touch is strong and gentle.
Romantic music devours me.
You lift my head kissing me.
I can feel the hunger within you.
My blood is hot within me.
I give thy sweet throat to thee.
I embrace your heart as we dance
together under the moon.
You turn to look at me as we dance.
You embrace me and caress my
throat with your sweet lips.
The music devours us as one soul.
July 30, 2002


I need to be near you.
I want only life.
My cry is weak under the moon.
From behind he whispers.
Love is Life.
July 30, 2002

The Gift of Touch

Her naked body sits waiting.
Her chair cold like a prison.
He places his hand behind her limp back.
He puts his other hand under her legs.
Slowly he lifts her out of the metal prison.
Carefully he lowers her to the bed.
Soft kisses are placed apon her cheeks
 down to her naval.
She moans with each kiss.
Gently he whispers soft words to her.
He caresses her breasts with feather like
 strokes of his finger.
She giggles with each touch.
He lowers himself to her while caressing
 her breasts.
She can not feel his pleasurable gift, but
his touch is enough.
They lay together as one, deep in passion.
May 1, 2002

I Am Alone

I am alone.
I am different from everyone
You feel my sadness.
Your arms hold me close to
your heart.
I am not alone.
Your fingers caress my throat
like a feather.
My heart aches for your
I don’t want to be alone.
Your voice is hypnotizing.
I feel like I’m in a dream.
You slowly take my pain away.
I feel different and not alone.
My life is like wine,
sweet to the taste.
I am as you are.
One with the night.
I am not alone.
I am not different in your eyes.
April 30, 2002

The Forest

He has golden eyes.
He stands under the moonlit sky.
Holding her close to his breast.
Her heart beats fast within her chest.
He holds her tightly but ever so gently.
She feels light in his arms.
He guides her through the forest ever so tenderly.
He shields her from the shadows that lurk deep in the forest.
He will protect her from these shadows.
He knows the life of the forest.
Suddenly, she gently reaches for his face.
Gently she explores every inch of his face with her hands.
Eyes golden and fangs bearing he tries to stop her.
With soft whispers she continues to explore the depths of his face.
She feels his fangs and smiles.
She knows now that she is safe from the shadows of the forest.
He smiles and holds her tight to his breast.
He is her eyes and she is his soul.
March 4, 2002

Free Me

Free Me.
Lift me from this contraption.
Dance with me even though I’m different.
Make me float above the ground.
Love me for who I am.
I am different.
Be with me Forever.
March 23, 2002
Metal Prison
Braces were a prison,
a metal cage,
a ton of bricks,
they restricted me of getting around.
Tired arms and sore bruised back.
A body of metal, brace of hell.~~
October 12, 2010
My Watcher
He Watches as I sleep…
Comforts me when I am restless…
He whispers softly so I sleep…
I feel his touch, but I do not stir…
He Watches so I am safe…
We dance in our dreams…
He holds me close when I am afraid…
I feel his arms gently around me…
His touch is soft and gentle to my cheek…
He whispers to calm me…
I feel safe in his arms…
I awake alone, yet I know I am not…
My Watcher is always Watching…
March 1, 2009
Warm Embrace

To touch your sweet warm lips
We kiss wild and strong with fiery lips
Noses nuzzle closely together
Tightly holding one another
Silence broken by the sound of our hearts
Fingers entwined, bodies warm, with the fire in our hearts.
Separated by rivers and streams
So far, yet so close
The warmth fills us both, as we hold one another
The distance doesn’t feel so far as you hold me
August 22, 2008
Ivory Towers

So thick…
So strong…
So deep…
Growing thicker with each new dawn…
Trapped with no escape within these Ivory walls…
Alone…scared…confused…within these walls…
Wants to be free…to grow…to love…
The tower of Ivory is very high…too high…
Never to be free…to live…to grow…to love…
A choice is given…within a dream…
A chance to be free…to grow…to love…
Only a window to the land below….
A chance to be free…to knock the walls down…
To knock down the Ivory walls…
To be free…to live…to grow…to love
It is ones choice to be free….
It is ones choice to live…
It is ones choice to grow…
It is ones choice to love…
November 8, 2009
Under Your Feet?

What does it feel like to wiggle your toes?
What does it feel like to have sand in between your toes?
When you walk can you feel the stones under your feet?
Does the grass feel soft or squishy under your shoes?
What does it feel like to feel the earth around your toes?
What does the cool ocean feel like around your feet?
I wish I knew what it felt like.
I never felt the grass under my feet.
I never felt the sand in between my toes.
I never felt the earth around my toes.
I never felt the cool ocean on my feet.
I wish I knew what it felt like.
I only know of metal wheels and rubber tires under my feet.
December 6, 2004
The Bar
She gazes into his eyes.
They are hypnotizing.
The bar is crowded.
She cannot turn from his eyes.
The music blares around her,
though she does not hear it.
Slowly he rises up from his chair.
She continues to stare into his dark deep eyes.
He stands before her with his deep dark eyes.
He reaches his hand out to her.
She finally breaks the hypnotic spell by looking away embarrassed.
She gazes towards her wheels.
He smiles.
Suddenly he lifts her up with his strong arms.
He holds her up over the dance floor for the entire song.
She gazes back into his deep dark eyes.
The world around them disappears.
They dance alone as one soul.
Gently he lowers her back into the wheelchair.
Their eyes still locked together.
Never saying a word.
They leave the bar as soul mates.
Forever together.
April 30, 2002
The Dance
Our fingers entwined.
His bare chest is strong and soft as silk.
His hair black as the night.
We are alone under the moon.
He leads me through the dance.
Wheels follow in unison.
They shimmer under the moon.
He holds me close to him as the song ends.
Under the forest moon.
July 15, 2002
Can Dreams Come True?
You enter my dreams each night.
Together we lay under the stars.
You whisper comfort to me, and hold me close.
I long for your true touch, and not a dream.
You promise we will be together. How I wait for you.
I see you every night in my dreams, I feel you in my heart.
The need to see you is strong, and to hear your voice fills me with joy.
You tell me we will meet, and be together.
When will I find you in my life?
I will dream of you tonight. 
September 7, 2005

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